Pitfalls Of Picking The Wrong Solar Company

Many people assume that buying solar panels is the most challenging part of solar installation. What they don’t realize is that choosing an installer is actually the hardest bit – these are people who are installing something that has cost you quite a bit of money and that is expected to last a long time. If you choose wrong you could find yourself in a very messy situation. The first, of course, is that you may end up with lots of wasted panels and other hardware. This means that you have to spend more money replacing them. If your contract doesn’t state that the solar panel installer should reimburse you then that is money down the drain.

The other problem with choosing the wrong solar panel company is that they will take too ling to finish the job. Although the amount of time will be determined by the size of your home you don’t want installers who will be on your roof for months. Before you hire a solar panel company have them come out t o your home and have a look so that they can tell you how long the job will take. In addition to that, find out whether you have any recourse should they not finish the job on time.

If you choose the wrong solar panel installers you may find yourself looking either at a very short warranty or worse still, no warranty at all.

Solar panel companies usually offer a warranty to every client that lasts between 1 year and 10 years. You want the ones that have a longer warranty because it means that they trust their workmanship. If you hire a company that doesn’t give warranties you will be on your own should everything not hold up.

Hiring just any solar panel company that you come across could mean that you have to get permits yourself which can be a headache. You need to have a permit from your local authorities to have solar panels installed just like you do wit any other work in your home. The best solar installers usually get permits for their clients to save them the hassle.

The biggest problem with hiring the wrong solar installers is that they could ruin everything and cost you money. As we mentioned at the beginning, solar panels are not cheap. If you don’t get things right this time it could mean that you have to wait a while before you can put together enough cash to buy new solar panels and other equipment.